28 Feb 2013

KROHNE provides an MCERTS approved measurement solution for the wastewater industry

Instruments for the wastewater industry

A selection of KROHNE’s MCERTS approved instruments for the wastewater industry.

KROHNE, the market leader in electromagnetic flowmeter technology can offer an MCERTS approved flowmetering solution for even the toughest applications. MCERTS was set up by the Environment Agency and sets minimum requirements for the quality, installation and control of self-monitoring of effluent flow. It puts the responsibility on the process operator to measure, collect and collate monitoring data.

Following a stringent testing programme, KROHNE’s WATERFLUX 3100, 3300 and 3070 electromagnetic water meters and the OPTIFLUX 2100 and 2300 electromagnetic flowmeters have been approved for use on MCERTS continuous water monitoring flow applications.

The strengths of the WATERFLUX lie in its unique flow sensor construction with a rectangular and reduced cross section and its efficient coil construction. The coils are arranged so that a strong, homogeneous magnetic field is formed meaning that measurement is independent of flow profile. It also allows for extremely short inlets and outlets.

The WATERFLUX 3070 is ideal for remote locations in the water industry where no power connection is available thanks to its battery powered electromagnetic signal converter. It provides a battery life of up to 15 years and remote data transmission via a GSM module. 

The OPTIFLUX 2000 electromagnetic flowmeter has been designed to meet the demands of all wastewater applications. When combined with either the IFC100 or IFC300 electromagnetic signal converters it provides an MCERTS approved measurement solution with long term reliability and durability, making it an ideal meter for wastewater measurement tasks.  The OPTIFLUX 2000 can be installed without filters and straighteners. Even grounding rings are not required with the patented Virtual Reference option when used with the IFC 300 converter.

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