For verification of the bunker quantities received through the bunker line

EcoMATE™ – Bunkering Verification module

Fuel oil costs represent the biggest share of a vessel’s total operating cost. To verify the amount of fuel oil delivered during a bunkering operation, you need accurate and reliable measurements.

The EcoMATE™ system measures the flow in your bunkering line.It typically will consist of a flowmeter mounted in the bunkering line linked to an EcoMATE™ workstation, usually located in the control room. Supporting equipment like pressure sensors, venting and regulation valve may be recommended depending on the installation.

During the bunkering process trend graphs gives you a good overview of all values. On the monitor, you can follow the exact amount of fuel oil taken onboard. Reports showing total bunker quantities received and verification of density can be printed and emailed to a shore station. Linked to the bunkering mass flowmeter, the EcoMATE™ software takes care of data acquisition, logging, calculations and monitoring. All relevant data is logged and stored in the system database.

High measuring accuracy trough the right instrumentation

Bunker quantities measured by volume are dependent on temperature, density and possible contents of air. The EcoMATE™ system utilises Coriolis mass flowmeters which offers continuous monitoring of mass flow rate, density and temperature throughout the entire bunkering operation. Measuring mass directly secures high accuracy and a more efficient bunkering process. Excessive air contents will be warned to allow rectification.