OPTIWAVE-M – Cargo Level Radar (FMCW)

The OPTIWAVE-M Cargo Level Radar is a highly accurate and reliable instrument for measuring the ullage/level. With its heavy duty stainless steel housing, it is designed to withstand the roughest conditions on deck.

Well protected by a stainless steel cover, it carries a backup display for redundant indication. Loading may continue with a man on deck, if level information is lost on the main monitoring station.

The OPTIWAVE-M grants redundancy on tank monitoring

Even in a worst case scenario where a central component in the monitoring system fails, ullage will always be obtainable on the OPTIWAVE level radar display on deck. The OPTIWAVE-M calculates and displays all level data locally before transmitting to CCR.

Thorough cleaning of the radar antenna without opening the tank

All level radars may require cleaning of antenna if contaminated by cargo. Opening the cargo tank in a safe and approved way requires cleaning and venting of the tank. The OPTIWAVE-M radar antenna may be cleaned with closed tank, which saves time and efforts and protects ship’s crew from being exposed to cargo vapours.

Replacement of radar can be done by ship’s crew

The OPTIWAVE-M radar is a robust piece of equipment, but even with state of the art equipment things may go wrong and most certainly at the most unwanted time. It is good to know that the complete calibrated part (including transmitting/receiving antenna) can be replaced with closed tank.

State of the art technology

The OPTIWAVE-M introduces well tested and proven state of the art radar technology in the marine sector. First of all the KROHNE 24GHz technology (FMCW principle with 2GHz sweep) represents a giant leap forward in signal to noise ratio. In more spoken words; the radar’s ability to see actual tank contents under the most difficult situations is well secured.

By minimizing the effect of fog, foam, movements, sloshing, disturbances and low reflection, the OPTIWAVE-M gives you the ullage under the worst conditions.