OPTIFLEX 4300 C Marine – Guided Level Radar (TDR)

The OPTIFLEX 4300 C Marine offers accurate and reliable level gauging in various applications not fully covered by standard cargo level radars. Based on Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) measuring principle, the instrument signal is guided by a stainless steel wire, reducing the requirement for free space.

Measurement of level and oil/water interface
The OPTIFLEX measures level and can detect two levels from the same wire installation. Consequentely both oil and water level can be measured in a tank using only one instrument.

Highlights OPTIFLEX

  • Measures level and oil/water interface
  • Measures low reflecting cargoes
  • Not affected by clogging
  • Ideal for narrow tanks, needs only 60 cm radius free space
  • Types of applications:
    - Slop tank levels
    - Ballast tanks
    - Curved tanks
    - LPG
    - Liquid CO2